Looks Like Don Cheadle’s Space Jam 2 Role Has Been Revealed

His Black Monday co-star just dropped the ball.

Spider-Man 3: 6 Villains Tom Holland Could Face Off Against In His Next MCU Movie

Who will face off against the web-slinger next?

Universal Is Hosting Watch Parties For Its Movies Heading To Homes Early

Watch with people... yet without people.

Jessica Chastain Was Approached For A Key Doctor Strange Role, According To The Writer

What could have been…

How Will Black Widow's Delay Impact The MCU's Future?

The studio's plans for Phase Four just got a lot more complicated.

Netflix's The Platform Ending Explained: What Happened And What Does It Mean?

What lies beneath The Platform?

Disneyland And Walt Disney World Extend Their COVID-19 Closures

The Walt Disney Company has released an update on its U.S. parks.

Looks Like COVID-19 Can't Stop, Won't Stop Mad Max: Fury Road Spinoff Casting

The work continues!

New DVD Releases 2020: All The Latest Movies And TV Shows

Here's the round-up of the latest Blu-ray, DVD and Digital releases for 2020 and when to find them.

Pokemon Fans Are Getting More Detective Pikachu, But Not How You'd Guess

I'll take it.

Will The Batman And Matrix 4 Be Delayed After Filming Stopped?

The coronavirus has thrown a lot of complications at the film industry.

Sonic the Hedgehog Deleted Scene Reveals An Alternate Fate For One Character

One movie character had a slightly different path through the movie at one point.

Joe Rogan Has Some Blunt Thoughts About Gal Gadot's Viral Imagine Video

It's an interesting take, to say the least.

Star Wars Has Finally Explained How Rey Beat Kylo Ren In The Force Awakens

It all makes sense now.

One Part Of Walt Disney World is Still Open During Coronavirus Outbreak

If you really want to go to Walt Disney World, there is one thing on property you can still do.

Zack Snyder’s Latest Snyder Cut Image Takes Fans Deep Inside A Mysterious Location

Just release it, already.

How Marvel’s The Eternals Is Still Being Worked On To Meet Its Release Date


After Briefly Reopening, China Shuts Down Movie Theaters Again

It was a nice idea that didn't last.

Scott Derrickson's Favorite Doctor Strange Scene Isn't Actually About Doctor Strange

It's not about you, Stephen.

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Deleted Scene Reunites Kylo Ren With Darth Vader’s Mask

Kylo Ren reconnects with his past.

Thor: Ragnarok: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Might Not Have Known

Here are 10 facts you should know if you loved Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok.

Ant-Man’s Evangeline Lilly Apologizes For Controversial Coronavirus Comments

The LOST and MCU actress has been in hot water all week over her COVID-19 comments.

Dr. Manhattan Vs. Thanos With All The Infinity Stones: Could The Strongest Watchmen Stop Marvel's Mad Titan?

A battle fit for the gods

The Do's And Don'ts Of Creating A Movie Theater Experience In Your Home

Looking to recreate the movie theater experience on the cheap? Look no further.

It Was Actually John Krasinski's Office Co-Star Who Said He Should Get Into Directing Movies

Now we know who to really thank for A Quiet Place.

Final Destination 6’s Plot Has Possibly Been Revealed, And Wow

The Final Destination franchise is taking a new approach to its storyline.

What Does Superman Do In Isolation? Apparently, Bakes Bread

Hey, it helps pass the time.

Ryan Reynolds And Other Celebrities Who Have Donated To Coronavirus Relief

These celebrities are stepping up in a great time of need.

One Theater Owner Has Started Selling Popcorn In The Parking Lot To Help Employees

This independent theater owner is getting creative on behalf of his employees.

One Bond Expert Think Idris Elba's Missed His Chance To Play 007

It might be too late, folks.

Jumanji Actress Laura Bell Bundy Has Coronavirus And She’s Walking Fans Through Her Symptoms

Another celebrity has tested positive for COVID-19.

Lebron James Gives Update On Space Jam 2 In The Wake Of Coronavirus

Some good news, for a change!

5 Major Ways The MCU's Spider-Man Is Different Than The Marvel Comics

Was Tobey Maguire the more more accurate Spidey?

World War Z Writer Talks 'History Repeating Itself' With Coronavirus And His Work

It's been nearly 15 years since World War Z was first published.

Chris Pratt Talks Rewarding Parenting Moments, Watching Pixar Movies With His Kid

Chris Pratt talks watching Pixar movies with his son Jack.

Chinese Movie Theaters Had A Rough Start Reopening After Closing Due To The Pandemic

The theatrical business has been thrown for a loop.

The Time Mark Hamill Was Mistaken For Steven Spielberg On The Star Wars Set

Do...do they really look alike?

Meghan Markle Getting Back Into Hollywood With Disney+ Role

Meghan Markle is getting back in the game after a royal hiatus.

CinemaBlend Is Giving Away Bombshell, Judy And More Blu-rays For Women's History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve paired up with Lionsgate to give away digital copies of films featuring some of our favorite leading ladies

Will Ferrell’s Downhill And More Announce Early Release For Those Running Out Of Movies At Home

Because you've seen everything else, right?

The Best Way For Film Fans To Support Their Local Movie Theaters During Quarantine

And you can even do it today.

Tom Cruise Wanted Mission: Impossible Sequels, Director Thought It Was Hollywood 'Corruption'

Tom Cruise is apparently the reason we'll soon have seven Mission: Impossible films.

Production May Be Paused On Fantastic Beasts 3 But Dan Fogler Teases 'Massive War' Coming

Dan Fogler is sharing some details he knows about Fantastic Beasts 3 while we wait. And wait. And wait.

Contagion Movie Medical Consultant Doctor Has A Message After Testing Positive For Coronavirus

The irony would be funny if any of this was funny.

Woody Allen Claims Timothee Chalamet Cut Ties With Him For An Oscar Bid

Woody Allen details how he feels it all went down with Oscar nominee Timothee Chalamet.

Even Wendy’s Has Joined The Call To Release The Snyder Cut Of Justice League

Because why not, right?

Looks Like The Batman Is Shutting Down For More Than Two Weeks, Here’s What Matt Reeves Says

Another film production is confirmed to be closed.

12 Great A24 Movies And Where To Stream Or Rent Them Online

The eclectic production company has many a masterpiece you can watch from home

Dune And 5 Other Fantastic Sci-Fi Books That Live Up To The Hype

Sci-fi has had a lot of great books over its storied history. Here are just a few popular selections.

10 Movies To Stream Or Rent Online Since Mulan Is Delayed

A few films to watch while social distancing.

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