After Backlash And Redesign, Sonic The Hedgehog’s Ben Schwartz Is ‘Honored’ To Play The Character

The new look is A+, though.

Lady And The Tramp Stars Are Glad Siamese Cat Song Was Reworked For The Disney+ Remake

The fiendish cats will be singing a new, less offensive tune, in Disney+'s live-action remake.

David Spade Hilariously Talks Licking His Lips During Noah Centineo’s People’s Choice Win

David Spade addressed what happened with that lip-licking moment.

Disney+’s Version Of A New Hope Changes The Han Solo And Greedo Scene In A Weird Way

Well this is… something.

All Your Last-Minute Disney+ Questions Answered

It's launching soon and there's a lot we really don't know.

Marvel Posts Beautiful Tribute To Stan Lee On First Anniversary Of His Death

I'm not crying, you're crying.

Frozen II Producers Found A Magical Way To Hit Deadlines: Puppies

Apparently reindeer were not available.

A Doctor Sleep Sequel Had Reportedly Been In The Works

But is it going to happen now?

Zack Snyder Shows The Flash Traveling Through Time In New Justice League Snyder Cut Photo

There has been so much activity, is the Snyder Cut actually going to be released?

The 10 Best Christmas Movies On Disney+

A collection of movies so festive, you may want to give Santa a Disney+ subscription with his milk and cookies.

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie: All The Changes Made For His Redesign

Thank you for everything

What Disney+'s Cut Endgame Scene With Tony Stark And His Adult Daughter Reveals

It's finally here.

Video | Frozen II Interviews With Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad And More

Watch Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, Jonathan Groff, Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown tell funny behind-the-scenes stories and more.

Would Chris Evans Ever Return As Captain America? The Former Steve Rogers Has Thoughts

Ahead of Avengers: Endgame's Disney+ release, Chris Evans has thoughts.

The Rise Of Skywalker Director J.J. Abrams Says Watching The Last Jedi Encouraged Him To Take Risks

What a plot twist.

Disney+ Features A Warning On Some Of Its Older Content With 'Outdated Cultural Depictions'

Here's how Disney+ is dealing with some of its older material.

New Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer Redesigns Sonic And It's So Much Better

It's about time we finally see Sonic the Hedgehog's new movie look.

Yes, You’re Supposed To Enjoy Rebecca Ferguson Getting Her Hand Crushed In Doctor Sleep

This scene is HARDCORE.

Doctor Sleep Went Old School Instead Of Relying On CGI, And That Was Awesome

This is definitely the way to go!

Why Leia Being A Jedi Would Be Good For Star Wars

Leia becoming a Jedi in Star Wars is far from the franchise's worst idea.

Tell Us What's Going On With David Spade's Face During Noah Centineo's People's Choice Awards Win

Mr. Spade, sir! What is going on here?!

Disney+ Will Have More Marvel Movies Available On Day One Than We Thought

This is a much better lineup to choose from.

Star Wars Set Video Hilariously Translates Chewbacca’s Dialogue From The Original Trilogy

The Wookie speaks!

Harry Potter Actor Tom Felton Doesn't Think The Cast Will Reunite For A Cursed Child Movie

Despite the constant speculation, Draco doesn't think fans should get their hopes up.

How Doctor Sleep’s Incredibly Disturbing Baseball Boy Sequence Came Together

Far and away the most disturbing sequence in the film.

Doctor Sleep Had A Much Lower Box Office Than Expected, But Why?

Why did the sequel to one of the most popular horror movies ever fail to find an audience?

James Gunn Has Some High Praise For Margot Robbie After The Suicide Squad


Fast And Furious 9 Has Officially Wrapped On Filming, See How The Director Celebrated

Another milestone reached!

Marvel's Kevin Feige Calls The Eternals A Big And Expensive Risk Worth Taking

The immortal Eternals help usher in Phase 4 next year.

Last Christmas Gives Henry Golding A James Bond Joke, Which Is Great Given The 007 Odds

Could Henry Golding actually become the next 007?

Watch Kevin Hart Get A Standing Ovation In First Appearance Since Car Accident

It’s been a little over two months since Kevin Hart was caught in the car crash.

Why Midway Works To Humanize Both Sides Of The Conflict, According To Roland Emmerich

The director sought to provide some nuance to the pivotal World War II battle.

Kevin Feige Reveals What He’s Excited To Explore In Star Wars

Same, though.

Video | Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Banks And More Discuss Charlie’s Angels

Watch Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Banks, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska discuss the Charlie’s Angels legacy and more in this interview.

Watch The Good Boys Alternate Ending

This year's hit comedy could have had a different ending.

Joker Cut One Bathtub Scene That Was Too 'Insane' For An R-Rated Movie

Believe it or not, Joker actually left some craziness on the cutting room floor.

Blumhouse's Fantasy Island Trailer Puts A Frightening Spin On The Classic TV Show

This isn’t your parents’ Fantasy Island!

Video | Doctor Sleep Spoiler Talk With Mike Flanagan, Rebecca Ferguson And More

They discuss the ending and more in this spoiler-filled interview.

Netflix's The Irishman Star Claims Ed Sheeran Is Related To The Real Frank Sheeran

So here's an odd connection you never expected.

One Particularly Exciting Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker Scene Left The Crew Shaken

Sounds about right.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige Breaks Silence About Martin Scorsese’s Criticism Over Superhero Movies

Drumroll please.

Why Frozen II's Princesses Wear Pants

This is a pretty big change.

Why This Could Be A Huge Week For Justice League's Release The Snyder Cut Movement

There's a huge anniversary coming, and the group is more than ready.

First Look At The Disney World And Disneyland Castles Decorated For Christmas (Already)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

How Doctor Sleep Brought Back The Shining’s Most Iconic Character

Spoilers ahead!

This Rotten Week: Predicting Ford V Ferrari, Charlie’s Angels, And The Good Liar Reviews

This week we get a racing story, a female action reboot, and a psychological thriller.

Kevin Feige Confirms 3 Marvel Heroes Who'll Appear In MCU Movies After Disney+ Shows

Marvel heroes, assemble ... for Phase 4 or Phase 5?

Stephen King Doesn't Want 'Terrific' Doctor Sleep To Be Defined By Disappointing Box Office

All box office talk and no play makes Steve a dull boy.

Watch Mark Hamill’s Hilarious Reaction To His Original Star Wars Audition

How many times can a person cringe watching a single video clip? You'd be surprised.

Midway Box Office: The World War II Movie Performs A Surprise Upset And Beats Doctor Sleep

The Shining sequel under-performs, allowing the Roland Emmerich movie to win the weekend.

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